You’ve seen SEO. Search engine optimization. That’s the field where people do things to get a bigger audience from search engines like Google or Bing. But now that traffic is moving toward social networks like Twitter and Facebook, will a new field of “social media optimization” evolve? SocialFlow demonstrates “yes.” Here SocialFlow cofounder Frank Speiser explains how it works and what it does. You can learn more at socialflow.com

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8 Responses to “The first social media optimizer? Secrets behind SocialFlow revealed”

ThaHotCoolDude July 22, 2011

This video clip is a classic ;-}

curtmaly July 22, 2011

Great video! I justhad to leave a comment! Yep…GREAT!

Scobleizer July 22, 2011

@expectationlost it’s the camera lens, it’s just a standard 17-inch MacBook Pro.

expectationlost July 22, 2011

does that guy a really really wide laptop or it just the camera lens?

internettopmentor July 22, 2011

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webmindset July 22, 2011

NOW I’m hooked! SocialFlow-ing my presence will commence shortly

Urgo6667 July 22, 2011

This looks pretty cool. Would love to try it out.

Lightrider4444 July 22, 2011

Socialflow endorses nuclear war! Now THAT’s some social engineering…

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