In this video, we will show you how to best setup Wix SEO (search engine optimization). To get started with Wix for free, visit http://www.websitebuilderscri…
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Learn this simple SEO tip to rank your website to top in Google results for any of the targeted keywords you choose. In this video I am going to teach you Ho…
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(PRWEB) November 25, 2014

GetUWired, a small business website design and web marketing firm in Dahlonega, Ga., has just released an educational blog called “5 Small Business Website Mistake to Avoid.” The blog can be seen here. The blog discusses 5 common small business website design mistakes that can hinder a website’s performance.

5 Small business website design mistakes to avoid

Mistake #1 — Not Giving the Customer What They Want

People come to a website with a very specific idea of what they’d like to accomplish. If they can’t accomplish that goal within just a few seconds, they are likely to leave. Small business owners should think about what their customers might come to their site to do, such as shop, ask questions, or schedule an appointment, and make those options are very apparent on the website.

Mistake #2 — Not being responsive

Most people now search the web via their smartphones or tablets rather than full-size laptops or PCs. If a small business’ website isn’t responsive, customers visiting that website are likely to get frustrated with reading teeny-tiny text and trying to click small links. Making a site responsive costs a little more than a fixed-size site, but the end result is worth the extra money.

Mistake #3 — Missing a “Call to Action”

To get customers to take a specific action, the best way to go about is just ask them! Adding a call to action to a small business website will increase the number of leads captured and sales made. Calls to action can get people to sign up for a newsletter, download a file, schedule an appointment, and much more.

Mistake #4 — Boring/Stale Content

Web content needs to be three things: concise, engaging and fresh. Keeping text short and engaging makes it easier to read and remember for website visitors. Adding fresh content on a regular basis, such as posting a weekly blog, lets the search engines know that a site is staying relevant and up to date, which will result in higher search engine rankings.

Mistake #5 — DIY Websites

Small business website design is a big deal. Anyone who wants a professional, fully-functioning site should never try to do it themselves. Because a website is usually a customers’ first impression of a business, it is important to have a website that is professional, beautiful and fully functioning.

GetUWired specializes in designing expert websites for small businesses. With 100% custom design, hand-crafted functionality and SEO copy, GetUWired can delivers sites any business will be proud of. For more information, call 877-236-9094 or visit http://www.GetUWired.us today!

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Austin, Texas (PRWEB) October 16, 2014

Since 2004, Server Side Design, Inc. has been one of the foremost marketing firms in the Houston metropolitan area, with an acquisition of several local and national clients who wish to increase the online reputation and visibility of their respective businesses. As a result of such success, particularly at the local level, Server Side Design has expanded its services to specific areas in Texas. One of them is SEO Austin, which is named after its market focus in the state capital, Austin. Recently SEO Austin announced the launch of a website analysis tool for potential and current clientsfree of charge.

With no-cost website analysis, businesses in the Austin areaespecially budget-oriented onescan evaluate what they are doing right with their websites. They can also spot what is wrong, and thus work on shortcomings to make them more effective. Website analysis is one of the essential factors that comprise search engine optimization. Better known as SEO, this process involves doing certain things to improve the ranking of a website on web search engines, consequently increasing its online visibility in an increasingly cluttered landscape.

By knowing what feature of the website needs work, SEO Austin and clients are better equipped in optimizing the website for web search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. The company guides the clients in creating pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. PPC campaigns use keywords and phrases most closely associated with the client’s products and services, thereby increasing the chances of the target audience in discovering them on web searches and clicking their ads. SEO Austin also makes sure that the client has website content that is well written, contains the targeted keywords and phrases, and includes links to other webpages or websites to increase the likeliness of discovery from such venues.

About SEO Austin:

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, SEO Austin, Inc. is the Austin division of Texas-based marketing firm Server Side Design, Inc. Thus, SEO Austin main focuses on clients who work in the capital of Texas. Adhering to the slogan “Your Online Success Is Our Success,” SEO Austin operates with the general mission of its parent company, which is to increase the online visibility and web presence of clients on a local, national, and global scale. SEO Austin’s physical address is 9600 Great Hills Trail, Austin, TX 78759, while its website is http://www.seoaustininc.com. For inquiries and orders, clients can dial 512-298-1881 or send an email message to info(at)seoaustininc(dot)com.

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West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

A comprehensive study[1] of 68 Toyota, Lexus and Scion dealers using a next-generation smart chat solution versus old-school, passive chat has shown consistently high chat-to-lead conversion rates of 77%. Dealers who had used another chat product reported a marked improvement with Gubagoos managed chat solution, ChatSmart.

Unlike first generation passive chat, smart chat is powered by an intelligent platform that identifies website visitors and proactively engages them with relevant, targeted information, rather than simply interrupting and talking at customers with no knowledge of what the customer is actually interested in.

In recent years, dealers have refocused their digital marketing spend away from high-priced, low-closing 3rd party Internet leads to driving traffic to their own websites with SEO, PPC and display advertising. However, these efforts often fall short because of a failure to engage car buyers once they land on the dealers websites. In fact, NADA data shows that 95% of the average dealerships site visitors will defect from the site due to lack of engagement, meaningful information and relevant offers.

Many dealers have adopted chat tools as a means of stopping the consumer from fleeing their websites but, too often, that chat is passive versus active or dumb versus smart, said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo Inc. This study of Toyota, Lexus and Scion dealers proves that smart chat can massively increase the effectiveness of their websites to drive qualified leads to their sales team.


TOYOTA 74% Chat to Lead Conversion

LEXUS 71% Chat to Lead Conversion

SCION 84% Chat to Lead Conversion*

ChatSmart is proven to be more proactive and higher converting because it utilizes click activity, frequency of visits and predictive models to improve the consumer experience. It is the first chat platform to match vehicles of interest to website visitors, as well as serving up relevant incentives, offers and inventory in real time.

Gubagoos ChatSmart is extremely effective at converting chat into leads because of all the data it collects and because, as a fully managed chat solution, it requires minimal staff involvement until a lead is generated, said Internet Marketing Manager, Jesse Walker of Pembroke Pines Lexus. Visitors to our website like that our chat operators are smart enough to know what pages they are looking at and are then able to suggest relevant offers on both service and sales – it makes for much quicker and more productive chat sessions for our customers.

Pembroke Pines attributes ChatSmart with 30 incremental car sales a month at an average cost of $ 33 per sale. Obviously, we use a lot tools, but for ROI, you cant beat Gubagoo, said Walker.

Toyota of Renton/Toyota of Kirkland in Washington switched from another chat company to Gubagoo and, Mark Brushears, E-commerce Director, for OBrian Auto Group, reports that Twenty-six percent of our Toyota of Kirkland website sales are now generated by Gubagoo. The results are so good that theres no comparison with the previous vendor.

Gubagoos ChatSmart is based on an advanced, intuitive behavioral analytics platform called the BEAST (Behavioral Engagement and Scoring Technology), ChatSmart knows what each site visitor is doing, from the exact vehicles they are looking at, to how many times they have visited the site, to how long they are spending on each page. It then puts that rich data in motion: assigning each visitor a unique score based on their real-world behavior and using that score to precisely engage and re-engage individuals with calculated messages, chats and offers/coupons, about the right vehicle at the right time, as well as pushing relevant dealership inventory and in real time. And, importantly, ChatSmart takes the onus off in-dealership staff by providing a fully managed chat solution and then delivering extremely detailed leads directly to the dealership.

Full case study can be found here: http://www.makingleadshappen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Gubagoo-Toyota_Lexus-Case-Study-FINAL-09-12-2014.pdf

About Gubagoo

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and staffed by a team of veteran technologists and innovators in lead conversion, Gubagoo offers revolutionary behavioral engagement and scoring technologies for automotive websites. With a mission to provide a smarter, more cost-effective alternative to the old lead generation model, Gubagoo is the first dealership website solution that successfully makes anonymous traffic identifiable, and converts the 95% of dealer site traffic that traditionally defects. Incorporating smart predictive matching and the best chat technology available – and powered by its proprietary behavioral engagement and scoring engine, B.E.A.S.T. – Gubagoo engages new and repeat dealer site visitors with unprecedented relevance. Over 1,000 dealerships, including some of the nations largest dealer groups, as well as OEM-certified programs, already have adopted Gubagoo-powered websites. Gubagoo has been named a finalist for the DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award for the Most Innovative Dealership Solution of 2014.

Gubagoo Media Relations:

Melanie Webber, mWEBB Communications, (949) 307-1723, melanie(at)mwebbcom(dot)com

Cassandra Cavanah, mWEBB Communications, (818) 397-4630, cassandra(at)mwebbcom(dot)com

[1] Study included 46 nationally representative Toyota and 16 Lexus dealerships from Jan-June 2014 and six Scion dealerships from July-Aug 2014.

*Scion numbers represented shorter period on the study (two months), and considerably lower traffic.

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Greenwich, Connecticut (PRWEB) November 12, 2013

Synerge-marketing, a web design and internet marketing firm that provides results-driven campaigns, announces the launch of a new website for In Home Physician Care (IHCP). Providing top-quality, in-home medical care to patients throughout the Fairfield County area, IHCP is a unique private and personalized service with benefits usually not found in medicine today.

To help IHCP deliver its message effectively, Synerge-marketing implemented a video library that showcases IHCPs offerings, introduces the lead doctor to patients, and contains a patient education section. It includes information about J. Kevin Shushtari, MD, a Harvard-trained, board-certified physician who was inspired to open IHCP after his own disheartening experience visiting a medical practice. Dr. Shushtari wanted to develop a service that would return the doctor-patient relationship to a more personalized, customer-friendly one.

Dr. Shushtari offers world-class medical services to the Greenwich and Fairfield County area, bringing years of experience to in-home care. By paying a quarterly or annual fee, patients receive in-home care as they need it, along with 24/7 access to a physician via telephone. Most necessary labs and examinations can be done in the comfort of a patients home, as well as urgent, chronic and hospice care.

Since this is a new type of practice, Synerge-marketing was challenged to adequately introduce the concept to patients throughout Connecticut. It was also important to introduce the doctor to the area and provide information about various conditions and their treatments. Some of these services are new to the Fairfield County area, especially in the at-home format. A contact form allows visitors to directly contact the doctor for a complimentary consultation.

We wanted to create a patient-friendly site that helps both caregivers and patients to find useful resources and also to learn about Dr. Shushtaris home care physician services in Connecticut, says Randi Brawley, internet marketing consultant for Synerge-marketing.

IHCP removes the need for patients to endure long waits for appointments in uncomfortable waiting rooms. The service also provides coordination of care and a unique one-on-one experience between patient and doctor, which can be especially beneficial for those suffering from serious illnesses, as well as international patients who may be challenged to speak with multiple non-English speaking staff members at hospitals and medical offices.

For Synerge-marketing, the project provided a great opportunity to showcase an exciting new physician service with a new kind of medical care. They provided logo design, web design, development, internet marketing, and SEO services.

In addition to medical providers, Synerge-Marketings clients include real estate, legal services, corporations, e-commerce sites and more. Each of Synerge-marketings websites focuses on the marketing goals of the business to directly connect with qualified customers and deliver ROI. With a team that has a unique set of specialized skills, Synerge-marketing can give businesses a full suite of services customized to meet their needs. Each project is assigned a marketing professional, who works with the client from the beginning to the end to ensure it meets specifications.

To learn more about Synerge-marketing or schedule a free consultation, visit http://www.synergemarketing.com/why_choose_us.html or call 203.220.9333.

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Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

The JM Internet Group and Urban Geko (http://www.urbangeko.com) are proud to announce a cooperative project to enhance Urban Gekos website presence across a range of interests for Orange County businesses, non-profits and other organizations. The project aims to increase not only the site visibility of Urban Geko but also extend the web design firms presence across social media.

Orange County is a cross roads of tourism, industry, and hi-tech, explained Reza Widjaja, founder of Orange Geko. We actively participate in the life of Orange County but many potential clients still come to us via the Web and look to us to provide continuing leadership on best practices for website design.

To learn more about Urban Gekos services and to view the newly revised Website and information on Orange County web design, please visit http://www.urbangeko.com/. There one can find a wealth of information on the company, which focuses not only on website design but also graphic design and corporate identity.

Website Visibility, Urban Geko, and Orange County

The project is unfolding across several dimensions. First, teams evaluated the keyword targets for Urban Geko and identified those keywords relating to website design and development that are very timely for Orange County businesses and organizations. Second, the website was inventoried and brought up to current best practices at a structural level while maintaining the exciting look and feel that gives Urban Geko its own identity as the pre-eminent graphic and website design agency in Southern California. Third, the two companies are working together on joint promotion to spur greater awareness of Urban Geko.

About Urban Geko

Urban Geko is an award-winning, top Orange County web design company with state-of-the-art creative services in website design and development, graphic design and multimedia design. Whether a business is located in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine or elsewhere in Orange County as well as Los Angeles, the company is Southern Californias top, professional web design agency for graphic design. WordPress, Magento, Joomla, even mobile website design (responsive design) – the website company makes brand identity shine in print, on the Web and in multimedia formats. Medical, industrial, retail, technology, real estate, non-profit, small business web design – Urban Geko has done it all.

Web. http://www.urbangeko.com/

About the JM Internet Group

The JM Internet Group provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords training and courses for busy marketers and businesspeople. Online search engine optimization training helps explain keywords, page tags, link building strategies and other techniques needed to climb to the top of search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The teaching methodology is hands on, with live examples and discussions, taught from the convenience of each student’s computer.

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