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Greenwich, Connecticut (PRWEB) November 12, 2013

Synerge-marketing, a web design and internet marketing firm that provides results-driven campaigns, announces the launch of a new website for In Home Physician Care (IHCP). Providing top-quality, in-home medical care to patients throughout the Fairfield County area, IHCP is a unique private and personalized service with benefits usually not found in medicine today.

To help IHCP deliver its message effectively, Synerge-marketing implemented a video library that showcases IHCPs offerings, introduces the lead doctor to patients, and contains a patient education section. It includes information about J. Kevin Shushtari, MD, a Harvard-trained, board-certified physician who was inspired to open IHCP after his own disheartening experience visiting a medical practice. Dr. Shushtari wanted to develop a service that would return the doctor-patient relationship to a more personalized, customer-friendly one.

Dr. Shushtari offers world-class medical services to the Greenwich and Fairfield County area, bringing years of experience to in-home care. By paying a quarterly or annual fee, patients receive in-home care as they need it, along with 24/7 access to a physician via telephone. Most necessary labs and examinations can be done in the comfort of a patients home, as well as urgent, chronic and hospice care.

Since this is a new type of practice, Synerge-marketing was challenged to adequately introduce the concept to patients throughout Connecticut. It was also important to introduce the doctor to the area and provide information about various conditions and their treatments. Some of these services are new to the Fairfield County area, especially in the at-home format. A contact form allows visitors to directly contact the doctor for a complimentary consultation.

We wanted to create a patient-friendly site that helps both caregivers and patients to find useful resources and also to learn about Dr. Shushtaris home care physician services in Connecticut, says Randi Brawley, internet marketing consultant for Synerge-marketing.

IHCP removes the need for patients to endure long waits for appointments in uncomfortable waiting rooms. The service also provides coordination of care and a unique one-on-one experience between patient and doctor, which can be especially beneficial for those suffering from serious illnesses, as well as international patients who may be challenged to speak with multiple non-English speaking staff members at hospitals and medical offices.

For Synerge-marketing, the project provided a great opportunity to showcase an exciting new physician service with a new kind of medical care. They provided logo design, web design, development, internet marketing, and SEO services.

In addition to medical providers, Synerge-Marketings clients include real estate, legal services, corporations, e-commerce sites and more. Each of Synerge-marketings websites focuses on the marketing goals of the business to directly connect with qualified customers and deliver ROI. With a team that has a unique set of specialized skills, Synerge-marketing can give businesses a full suite of services customized to meet their needs. Each project is assigned a marketing professional, who works with the client from the beginning to the end to ensure it meets specifications.

To learn more about Synerge-marketing or schedule a free consultation, visit http://www.synergemarketing.com/why_choose_us.html or call 203.220.9333.

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Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

The JM Internet Group and Urban Geko (http://www.urbangeko.com) are proud to announce a cooperative project to enhance Urban Gekos website presence across a range of interests for Orange County businesses, non-profits and other organizations. The project aims to increase not only the site visibility of Urban Geko but also extend the web design firms presence across social media.

Orange County is a cross roads of tourism, industry, and hi-tech, explained Reza Widjaja, founder of Orange Geko. We actively participate in the life of Orange County but many potential clients still come to us via the Web and look to us to provide continuing leadership on best practices for website design.

To learn more about Urban Gekos services and to view the newly revised Website and information on Orange County web design, please visit http://www.urbangeko.com/. There one can find a wealth of information on the company, which focuses not only on website design but also graphic design and corporate identity.

Website Visibility, Urban Geko, and Orange County

The project is unfolding across several dimensions. First, teams evaluated the keyword targets for Urban Geko and identified those keywords relating to website design and development that are very timely for Orange County businesses and organizations. Second, the website was inventoried and brought up to current best practices at a structural level while maintaining the exciting look and feel that gives Urban Geko its own identity as the pre-eminent graphic and website design agency in Southern California. Third, the two companies are working together on joint promotion to spur greater awareness of Urban Geko.

About Urban Geko

Urban Geko is an award-winning, top Orange County web design company with state-of-the-art creative services in website design and development, graphic design and multimedia design. Whether a business is located in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine or elsewhere in Orange County as well as Los Angeles, the company is Southern Californias top, professional web design agency for graphic design. WordPress, Magento, Joomla, even mobile website design (responsive design) – the website company makes brand identity shine in print, on the Web and in multimedia formats. Medical, industrial, retail, technology, real estate, non-profit, small business web design – Urban Geko has done it all.

Web. http://www.urbangeko.com/

About the JM Internet Group

The JM Internet Group provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords training and courses for busy marketers and businesspeople. Online search engine optimization training helps explain keywords, page tags, link building strategies and other techniques needed to climb to the top of search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The teaching methodology is hands on, with live examples and discussions, taught from the convenience of each student’s computer.

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San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

Businesses depend on their websites to attract visitors and generate sales leads. So they need to tend those sites as if they were watering the lawn. This means updating both the look and content on a fairly regular basis.

When was the last time you looked at your business website through a visitors eyes? asks Jeremy Durant, Business Principal at Bop Design, a San Diego web design agency. If your websites look hasnt changed recently, consider the impression it makes on first-time visitors (and prospective customers) who see the same content and graphic elements time and again. A bored visitor isnt a repeat visitor.

Credibility and Functionality

Fresh design and content keeps a small business website credible (and, by extension, does the same for the business itself. It sends the message that a small business values its role as a provider of the kind of information people are looking for. Whether the new design includes scrolling text, eye-catching imagery or other design elements, it helps to keep the site useful and relevant in changing times.

Updating a website is also an opportunity to make sure everything is working properly. Maybe content on the site is packed too densely for easy reading or links are too difficult to easily spot. Remember, the slightest problembroken links, slow-loading imagescan discourage first-time visitors from wanting to learn more. Any low-performing element can cost valuable page views.

Changes in Customer Taste and Technology

Theres also the need to keep up with changing client needs and evolving technology. Customer tastes change over time. Your website may have been going along fine up to now, but if potential customers prefer the latest search tool or more user-friendly automated forms, they wont stay long at your site, Durant notes.

In general, visitors come to a site three or four times before making the decision to reach out to the business. They will only come back if content is fresh and the design is appealing (and completely functional).

Also consider the competition, Durant says. How often does their website undergo a redesign? Are they outpacing you with a fresh look and feel every few months? Look through a visitors eyes and decide which website will attract more attention.

Some businesses launch a website and dont consider a re-launch until five years later. In a digital age that moves at light-speed, thats much too long for any small business to wait.

About Bop Design

Bop Design is a San Diego web design agency with offices also in the New York metro area. We express a business values through branding, advertising, design and web design. We also help attract a firm’s ideal customer through search engine optimization and search engine marketing. The marketing firm’s focus is on small businesses that want an external team of marketing specialists to help give their brand an edge in the marketplace.

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