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Recently, the Bizwaremagic.com site published a new article entitled “Content Marketing Strategies for Effective SEO In 2015″ that may help improve any website’s SEO in the coming year. This detailed article examines how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has significantly changed in recent years and how webmasters or site owners must adjust their marketing strategies in order to receive more online visibility on the new Web.

This “new” web is largely determined by the constant changes Google has been making to its algorithm, the complex formula it uses to rank/index quality content on the web. Starting in 2011 with the Panda Update, Google drastically changed which sites deserved higher rankings depending on the perceived quality of a website. Things were further complicated with the introduction of the Penguin Update in 2012, which severely penalized websites with link building practices that Google believed violated its guidelines.

However, other more important factors have changed the web in recent years. These include the growing popularity and usage of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to access the web. Furthermore, the over-riding dominance of social media sites has greatly altered how content is presented and shared on the web. Bizwaremagic believes all these changes have made web content much more visual and compact.

“Compared to 10 or even 5 years ago, the web is much more social and interactive. Web users are no longer satisfied with being just observers; they want to be a part of the interaction,” says Titus Hoskins, a former art teacher who now runs the Bizwaremagic site. “Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube… have greatly changed how content and the web is used.”

Webmasters and site owners must adjust their SEO strategies accordingly if their want to be effective on this new, more social web. Greater emphasis must be placed on building active online communities that will help share and promote a site’s content. Greater importance must also be placed on creating more visual content such as images, videos, slideshows and infographics.

Bizwaremagic also believes webmasters must build or put into place strategic communities in these social platforms in order to create effective SEO in 2015. Any link sharing and/or building must be intuitive and natural. Webmasters should also pay special attention to how visitors interact on their sites. Such things as bounce rates, load times, time spent on site and number of pages viewed – are all important metrics that have become more significant to many of the search engines, especially Google.

Lastly and contrary to what many experts now suggest, webmasters must take an active role in creating SEO for their sites. They must take an active role in creating strategies which will place their web content in the best positions for achieving higher visibility on the web.

For a full list of Content Marketing Strategies and how to implement them, go here: http://www.bizwaremagic.com/content-marketing-for-effective-seo.htm

About Us:

Bizwaremagic.com is a 12-year-old small business solution site that offers many free guides to its visitors and patrons. Over the years, it has helped thousands of webmasters and site owners find the right information they need to succeed online.

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A clip from Bass Player Live with Janek Gwizdala, Juan Alderete & Damian Erskine. Watch the entire clinic at http://www.bassplayer.com/video.
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San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

TapClassifieds today announced TapAuto, a significant expansion of the TapClassifieds program for publishing groups, local media agencies, automotive dealerships, and their partners. TapClassifieds is a proven, go- to solution focused on delivering hard leads, in real time. New TapAuto takes automotive digital marketing to the next level: keeping auto dealers and their agencies up to date on how well their digital marketing campaigns are succeeding, and how to optimize their investments and results.

TapClassifieds: Delivering Immediate, Actionable Leads

TapClassifieds is unparalled in generating and communicating leads, and in tracking sales engagement. With TapClassifieds, auto dealers can watch as new leads are received via email, phone calls, text messages and credit applications. They can see consumer interest and engagement around specific vehicles, whether a car-shopper scanned a QR code for a mobile car-profile or shared a vehicle with a friend using email or popular social networks.

For example, TapClassifieds gave Digital First Ventures another way to ensure their automotive advertisers are reaching potential customers online and via mobile devices. Arturo Duran, Managing Partner at Digital First Ventures, commented, We are thrilled to see the rapid adoption of the TapClassifieds program by our sales professionals. The sales teams love the program because it delivers real, measureable results to their auto dealers. It really works.

New TapAuto: Metrics to Drive Sales Strategy and Investments

The new TapAuto solution, including software and services, is even more than getting buyers in the door and accelerating sales. It shows how investments by local media pay off, with lead attribution, reporting, and analytics. Metrics showing the ROI for various digital marketing channels promote sales strategy wins, based on advanced technology.

The TapAuto advanced analytics platform is based on the popular TapAnalytics digital marketing platform. TapAuto delivers extreme visibility and context for auto dealers and agencies who want to inspect and optimize every thread of every digital marketing campaign.

With TapAuto, for the first time, auto dealers (and those who sell trucks, motorcycles, RVs, planes and boats) can immediately see how every dollar invested in digital marketing is performing. By truly knowing where marketing dollars are being invested, under-performers can be culled and these dollars invested in more effective channels.

The new TapAuto digital marketing power tools feature the following.

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Toronto, ON (PRWEB) September 29, 2014

Aislelabs announced today an innovative cloud based offering, named Aislelabs Pass. The new offering enables digital marketing and social media specialists to utilize location based marketing enabled by iBeacons. Aislelabs Pass makes proximity marketing accessible without requiring any mobile app.

Digital marketers use email campaigns and social marketing tools to distribute their content to relevant audiences. Aislelabs Pass makes the content location aware by integration with the Aislelabs Engage beacon management and deployment platform. Aislelabs Pass also eliminates the need for having any app downloaded on the end users phone, which dramatically lowers the barrier to enable location-driven content. The offering truly bridges the gap between digital online marketing and in-store actionable campaigns.

Aislelabs Pass is built on the same cloud platform as Aislelabs Engage, which is already used and trusted by customers around the world. The platform features a fully customizable content creation engine for designing and managing coupons or passes. The passes can be used across platforms, and work with leading mobile wallet solutions including the Apple Passbook. As users walk in physical stores, relevant passes surface up aided by Bluetooth SMART based iBeacons.

Aislelabs Pass provides a new way of distributing promotional content, special offers and digital flyers while making them beacon aware. Different methods of distribution are baked into the platform, including social sharing on Facebook and Twitter, email campaigns and web-based microsites for hosting all content. Analytics is provided for all user actions, from downloading the content to its use in the stores. Advanced reporting and segmentation by distribution channel and campaign effectiveness is available.

Retail marketers can now readily utilize the power of iBeacon and location marketing without having to first build apps. We are thrilled with the possibilities that Aislelabs Pass enables to tailor shopping experiences never before possible. said Nick Koudas, CEO of Aislelabs. More information about the Aislelabs Pass is available at http://www.aislelabs.com/products/pass/

About Aislelabs Inc.:

Aislelabs provides an intelligent cloud platform for personalized, real-time in-store marketing and analytics to brick-n-mortar retailers and shopping centres. The SaaS product suite of the company includes: 1) advanced analytics solution to measure footfall traffic and consumer behavior inside and outside physical stores, similar to web analytics for e-commerce, and 2) a real-time marketing and engagement platform to deliver effective personalized messages. Aislelabs, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, serves major retailers across North America, forming a key component of a central command center across stores. To learn more, visit http://www.aislelabs.com/.

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