(PRWEB) July 13, 2014

topseos.com has named Boostability the second best search engine marketing agency for July 2014. Boostability was selected due to their strong performance in the genuine evaluation process. While there are thousands of services competing to be the best, the rankings consist of only the 100 best companies offering a variety of search marketing solutions.

These companies are put through the topseos.com proprietary evaluation process in order to identify which companies produce the top overall solution. Companies are chosen based on their achievement in a benchmarking and analysis of their core services. This process consists of the use of a set of evaluation criteria, connecting with client referrals, and performing various market and industry research projects.

For a more in-depth investigation, the independent research team connects with customer references. Clients are questioned to obtain their opinions on the solutions provided to them. This provides valuable insight into the internal processes and methodologies of the company offering the solution. In many cases clients contact topseos.com directly to voice their opinions.

Customers of internet marketing solutions often turn to topseos.com when searching for impressive SEO companies. The independent research team has named Boostability as the 2nd best company based on the results of the analysis process. topseos.com strongly believes in Boostability’s continued dedication towards excellence.

About Boostability

Boostability provides a variety of online marketing services which aim to help businesses expand their horizons through Search engines and other various methods of online marketing. They provide search engine optimization and local SEO services to help businesses become found in major Search engines regardless of the size of their business or their industry.

About topseos.com

topseos.com is a well-known independent authority on internet marketing solutions. The primary objective of topseos.com is to establish and announce those individuals or firms providing the best search engine marketing solutions all over the world. A specialized team of researchers examine thousands of applicants each month who are seeking to be ranked as a top search engine marketing product or service by the independent authority.

To find out more about Boostability, visit:


For the ratings of the top SEO services, visit:


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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 02, 2014

Leading higher education marketing agency mStoner today added a new channel to its lineup of free professional development web shows serving higher education.

Marketing Live will focus on topics in communications, brand and brand strategy, content and social media strategy in higher ed. It will debut on mStoners Higher Ed Live network at 1 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 5. The show will air every other week online at http://higheredlive.com/live.

Marketing Live Shows will be hosted by:

Tim Jones, Associate Vice President of Marketing at Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y.; and

Amy Jorgensen, Associate Director of Creative Services for Michigan State University’s Division of Residential & Hospitality Services.

Jones and Jorgensen both are recognized thought leaders in higher education marketing who will provide insights into the challenges that confront todays working professionals. They will interview practitioners, thought leaders, and others who can provide unique perspectives on issues and trends in an ever-changing industry.

Marketing Live joins a full lineup of shows on Higher Ed Live that includes:

Admissions Live (Monday)

Admissions, enrollment, retention

Nicole Lentine, Champlain College; and Chris DOrso, Stony Brook University

Advancement Live (Tuesday)

Alumni engagement, fundraising, and development

Ryan Catherwood, University of Virginia; and Andrew Gossen, Cornell University

Student Affairs Live (Wednesday)

Leadership, student affairs technology, conferences

Heather Shea Gasser, Michigan State University; and Chris Butler, Georgia Southern University

Higher Ed Live (Thursday)

Industry news, recent topics

Ashley Budd, Cornell University; and Michael Kiser, Colby College

Marketing Live (Thursday)

Communications, strategy, content and social media

Tim Jones, Clarkson University; and Amy Jorgensen, Michigan State University

All shows are at 1 p.m. EDT.

Marketing Live is sponsored by Formstack, a robust online form-building solution. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, the platform makes it easy for marketers to create branded, mobile web forms without writing code. Using Formstack, higher education marketers have the power to integrate existing applications, ensure software compliance, and double online response rates.

Higher Ed Live

Higher Ed Live is a network of live weekly web shows exclusively focused on higher education. Programming focuses on the role of digital media in higher education, admissions, marketing, advancement, and student affairs. Broadcasting live Monday through Thursday, each weeks episodes feature exclusive interviews with professionals from colleges and universities across the country; journalists; consultants; and, other thought leaders.

Higher Ed Live offers viewers direct access to some of the best and brightest minds in higher education and allows them to share their knowledge and participate in discussions around the most important issues in their field.

Tim Jones

Tim is the Associate Vice President of Marketing at Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y., where he leads Clarksons marketing, branding, messaging, creative and digital strategy. His efforts focus on long-term strategic goals for admissions, student and alumni engagement, fundraising success, academic research and peer outreach.

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(PRWEB) May 16, 2014

topseos.in has named SEO.IN the best integrated search agency in India for May 2014. SEO.IN was selected due to their impressive performance in the genuine evaluation process. While there are thousands of firms competing to be the best, the rankings consist of only the 10 best companies offering a variety of online marketing solutions.

These services in India are investigated through a meticulous evaluation process to determine which services to feature in the rankings. While there are thousands of integrated search services, the rankings are comprised of the absolute best the search marketing industry has to offer. The independent research team evaluates the competing services across five areas of evaluation in order to determine their overall level of competency in areas including reporting, needs analysis, campaign coordination, CPA minimization, and keyword selection.

The ratings are adjusted each month based on the assumption that the internet marketing industry changes over time. Firms are evaluated based on the latest trends and developments most important to customers. Often times the research team at topseos.in spends time connecting with clients of competing firms for a more thorough look.

SEO.IN has been awarded the rank of top integrated search marketing company in the monthly rankings at topseos.in due to their exceptional customer service, their comparative performance over previous months, and their dedication towards excellence. It is due to this information that topseos.in suggests clients of online marketing solutions consider SEO.IN.

About SEO.IN

SEO Inc provides professional search engine optimization and social media marketing services around the world. Their approach to SEO has earned them a global client base ranging from Fortune 500 companies to top recognized brands and small businesses. With over 17 years of experience SEO Inc continues to produce relevant organic results and improved conversions for their clients while also offering other online marketing services.

About topseos.in

topseos.in is a producer of search marketing evaluations in India. The central objective of topseos.in is to uncover and name those individuals or agencies offering best search marketing solutions available. Integrated SEO & PPC agencies are put through a rigorous examination to ensure the recommendations contain the absolute best agencies the search marketing industry has to offer.

For additional information about SEO.IN visit:


To view the ratings of the top integrated SEO & PPC services visit:


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http://www.timmcgarvey.com, We are your Search Marketing Company in New York NY. Call Us Today at (646) 435-0119 or Visit: Tim McGarvey Marketing Consultant …
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(PRWEB) April 14, 2014

topseos.com has announced the top social media marketing agencies in the internet marketing industry for the month of April 2014. Thousands providing solutions within the industry are investigated in order to identify which agencies provide the most impressive solutions to businesses in need. Businesses searching for impressive internet marketing agencies to aid them access the ratings online to discover agencies which have been evaluated by an independent third party.

The 100 top social media marketing services for April 2014 are:

1. Netmark

2. IProspect

3. ICrossing

4. Bruce Clay

5. 352 Media Group

6. Mint Social

7. Virool

8. SearchPro Systems

9. Perfect Search Media

10. Higher Visibility

11. SEO.com

12. Ignite Social Media

13. BeeSeen

14. Oneupweb

15. UberVU Ltd.

16. Creatine Marketing

17. Pandemic Labs

18. Social2B

19. Top Dog Social Media

20. IStrategyLabs

21. ReadyBUZZ

22. Marketing Zen

23. Stir Communications Group

24. Position2, Inc

25. Jigsaw Social Media

26. Leadgenix

27. Crea7ive Interactive Advertising

28. Boost Internet Marketing

29. OrangeSoda

30. SSD Fair Marketing

31. RankCatalyst

32. Big Leap Web

33. SearchXcel

34. 29 Prime

35. Best Rank

36. ApolloBravo

37. Sproutbox Media

38. NAB Marketing Company

39. Bizooki

40. AffiliateManager.com

41. Teabrooke

42. Stimulate Search

43. Originet

44. Icon Services

45. Pacific54

46. BlueGlass Interactive

47. Softline Solutions

48. Bliss Drive


50. AimClear

51. Media One Pro

52. My Search Guru

53. The SEO Space

54. Link2City.com

55. AimVenture Corporation

56. BeyondROI

57. Internet Marketing Inc.

58. #1 Internet Advertising Agency

59. Neon Rain Interactive

60. Avenue180

61. Legal Web Source

62. SoVi Digital

63. Blind Acre Media

64. Imagine Consultation

65. Fuor Digital

66. BizDetox

67. Reinvent Business

68. High Ranking SEO

69. Foundry Interactive

70. Konnected Interactive

71. 1888PressRelease

72. IClimber

73. Digital Pure

74. CC Marketing Online

75. 7strategy SEO & PPC Agency

76. ideaLaunch.com

77. LocalVox

78. Blue Interactive Agency

79. BIGSHOT Interactive

80. Search Optimal

81. Net Visibility Group

82. Dragonfly SEO

83. FJ Solutions

84. Online Marketing Advisors

85. E-Power Marketing

86. NewSunSEO

87. Advice

88. WebDesignValley

89. Del Monte Agency

90. Pulse Media Solutions

91. Brand Advance

92. Agent-cy Online Marketing

93. One Source SEO

94. Piraya Marketing Group

95. Advanced Web Site Publishing

96. Mobile Marketing of Maine

97. NH Marketing Solutions

98. Adcentuate

99. & | SEO and Company Inbound Marketing

100. ClickTraffic

In order to produce the best listings possible based on the most detailed analysis of social media marketing companies, the independent research team spends countless hours analyzing industry trends and market research. Each showcased social media marketing firm has been evaluated across five areas of evaluation. The five areas are critical to establishing the comparative performance of the firms in relation to major competitors within the industry. To produce an even more detailed analysis, the independent research team also contacts a minimum of three customer references of competing social media marketing companies.

About topseos.com

topseos.com is an established independent research firm focusing on the investigation and rankings of online marketing firms all around the world. The rankings are organized by the independent research team each month to highlight the best social media marketing firms based on their performance and their rating achieved through the proprietary investigation process.

The 100 best social media marketing services for April 2014 can be found at http://topseos.news-prs.com/us/social-media-marketing-rankings.

Social media marketing agencies interested in being evaluated and issued can visit http://topseos.news-prs.com/us/apply-for-rankings.

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